Privacy and State – II

This post is in continuation of my older posts on the issue of Privacy and State in India

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Privacy and State

This post shares an incident which has bearings on individual privacy and the Indian State big brother attitude and helplessness.

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Financial inclusion and corruption

Hi all,

This post tries to share some examples of how trust is being eroded in Banking. Specially with the new aspect of Financial inclusion which is being banded about.

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Khap,gotra and tradition

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This post tries to make sense of the narrow traditions the Khaps (the so-called moral leaders of the Jat community) are trying to set example of and how the civil society has issues against them. It also does touch upon some of the unsanitised versions of the Hindu culture which is not known by many people.

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Rainbow India

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This post would try to give a bit insight into the Rainbow gathering which was held in Haridwar and the comments in the mainstream media.

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Live-in relationships and Marriage

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This post would try to outline few of the recent happenings which have happened in the Indian society in the last few days/weeks and one of many views people have on the subject of live-in relationships and marriage.

The Supreme Court of India made a progressive statement about Live-in relationships. A three member bench gave this statement/opinion

“When two adult people want to live together what is the offence. Does it amount to an offence? Living together is not an offence. It cannot be an offence,”

Of course there was huge hue and cry on this statement by almost all the religious scholars, the left and the right-wing parties. Now while some thoughts on the emotional side of the issue I would take a little later but it is significant to know the background.

Another “interesting” event that happened is the Sania-Shoaib & Ayesha triangle . The story in short was that a woman, Ayesha, around 40 years of age claimed that a certain Shoaib Malik was married to her.Incidentally,Shoaib Malik is the Captain of Pakistan in Cricket. He also made some statements in the mainstream media few years ago on the same topic while later he started claiming he married somebody else. Later on though, he divorced Ayesha and is marrying Sania Mirza, the tennis star from India today.

Now while there are rumors of how much he paid her for divorce and stuff that is not the real deal. The real deal was that Ayesha went through quite a bit of ordeal through the whole thing. Her relatives and people who knew her didn’t ever know whether she was telling the truth or lying when Shoaib started claiming otherwise.

Now for the emotional and public trial she went through, if she was in a live-in relationship it would have been so much easier. In this as she was married, she couldn’t get out of that relationship and get on her life unless he divorces her. In a live-in this would have been saved.

Emotionally, whether it is marriage or live-in when the other person leaves you, many a person (without being gender specific) take a long long time to move on. This is based on many of my friends experiences.

I hope everybody has a long,happy, harmonious and peaceful life.

Climate change

This post would try to share some thoughts on climate change.

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