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Hi all,
Here in Dharamsala, Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. While people know of cyberstalking and identity theft the phone-dating as a phenomenon seems to be happening on some scale. I came to know of two-three people who somehow got some cellphone numbers and they chat and the women (apparently) enjoy the thrill of talking,flirting, talking dirty which fill the vacuum in their own life perhaps. While this may be all good and ok but I do see few hitches :-

a. The boy/boy-men get attached and talk for hours with the imagination going full-on.
b. When doing a face-to-face communication we read so many things unconsciously, from the way the person is standing to the way he uses his/her hands, his/her body and the whole face tells you stuff.
c. You never really know who’s at the other hand and at hands of experts you can get easily manipulated.

I actually see something more sinister coming in the days and weeks ahead. The way the phones are becoming more and more powerful due to low power special purpose chips. Look at Intel LPIA as an example. The way I see it, in the present as well as near future it should be easy to have chips where one can change voice from a male to a female and vice-versa with the subtleties thrown in. You just need an algorithm which can change the pitch, the roll and do some voice modulation. Something similar to what gets in an typical audio studio where even the most untalented/talentless singer can be modulated so that at the end he/she seems to have a good voice. I am sure some clever guy has or would come up with something similar soon and the companies would put it up as VAS .

Now imagine the confusion and the stuff to counteract to know whether its a real voice or fake.

A slightly bleak future painted in the present or near future. Adios for now 😉


IDEA Cellular is shit

Hi all,
I am right now in Himachal Pradesh which means I am in roaming as I am originally from Pune. I got a message couple of days ago from IDEA which said you can get IDEA to IDEA 50p, STD Rs. 1/- per min. and stuff like that on a recharge of Rs. 97/- . I asked Gupta Cybercafe (a local cybercafe guy who does recharges for IDEA, Airtel, Vodafone etc.) . I had done recharge before of Rs. 222/- and had got a confirmation message of the same when I had got the recharge.

This time around there was no confirmatory message and nothing while he got a message that the recharge has been done .

Mr. Gupta being a good natured guy gave me a day so I could wait for the SMS but it hasn’t come till yet. The details of the transaction are as under :-

Transaction ID :- HP 2031718560433

Date :- 17-03-09
Time :- 18:42

My mobile no. :- 09763330874

The mobile no. which did the transaction

Dealer mobile no. :- 09882067156

The message on the dealer’s mobile no.

Recharge request of Rs. 97.0 for mobile no. 9763330874, transaction ID HP2031718560433 is successful. Your account balance is Rs. 919.0

I have the following questions

1. IDEA obviously knows I am in roaming and gives me the message about the plan. Then why not confirmatory message when the recharge has been done?

2. The customer care link
is rotten. It doesn’t even have a form which can be filled. Usually some of the better customer-focused companies have a form which would have a ticket number for following up/resolution of the issue. They don’t have it.

3. I talked with Mr. Gupta and some other people as well, all of them have differing rates when in different rates. Why isn’t there a uniform rate across all the states?

Its not the amount but the way the things have turned out. All in all terribly disappointed.


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