Ethnicity and Double standards

Hi all,
This post would be highlighting the double standards which some/most of our fairer sex goes through in the way education is dispensed in our country.

The recent developments which happened against Indians in Australia has eclipsed everything that is wrong today in our education system but there is lots that needs to be set up right.

Last week, while leafing through a daily DNA my eyes caught this article and while this may seem extreme examples like these abound everywhere.

Recently a friend of mine shared with me the goings on in the SNDT campus, Churchgate. The full address of the place is :-

S.N.D.T University (Women College). NA Nathibai Thackersey Road, Church gate, Mumbai Mumbai

These are the following things she finds/found disturbing during the process for new admissions to the University as well as the hostel. The process is for girls/women who are coming for post-graduate studies :-

a. First of all during the interview phase they are asked questions such as :-

1. Do you do alcohol and/or drugs ?
2. Do you have boyfriend ?

and few more questions like these. For a simple rational person I find this whole line of questioning as invasion of privacy. Its just like censor board but this time for people rather than movies.

b. Then let’s say they give the correct answers to the questions asked (which obviously is a No ) then the college has some more rules if they want to use the hostel facilities :-

1. Lights out at 23:00 hours.
2. Students are not allowed to use gadgets like laptops, Mobile phones .
3. Internet surfing is heavily restricted and they would like to do more.

The reason why all of this is happening and nobody is saying anything because as my friend says ‘ Most of the girls/women come from lower socio-economic background. They wouldn’t get admission anywhere else as well at so low cost hence the authorities are free to do what they feel like’ .

What I feel disgusted and sad are these future doctors, sociologists, computer scientists if they are going to be in such claustrophobic enviroments then how they will perceive and write about the world we live in.

The idea behind the post is not just to lambast this institution but to make aware that there is a possibility that there are lots of educational institutions who may be grinding their axes on their students similarly. Its part of a larger malaise/disease.


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