Unable to get an Laptop

Hi all,
This post would be talking about the frustrations I faced while trying to buy a Laptop.

This happened about a month ago. I had been searching for a good laptop having good graphics configuration and after a research of 2 weeks came to Acer Aspire 5738G which gave me some sort of specs. I could be happy with. Some of the things which were in my head were

a. Budget ~ around Rs. 40,000/-
b. RAM – 4 GB DDR3
c. Some decent graphics card
d. Good decent hdd something in the range of 320 GB+
e. IF possible an 802.11n card (for better network connectivity)
f. Atleast a 6 cell lithium pack if not more.

This is on the hardware side. On the software, it would be best if it had GNU/Linux running.

Few laptops also had ubuntu (this was nice to see) for e.g. see this Dell as well as this one as well as mini laptops but for my liking they are pretty each low-end creatures which could not be used for good gaming.

Most of them had integrated graphics and I want a laptop which would run for 3~5 years if not more.

I visited quite a few vendors and almost all of them some competitive prices. The difference was between Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2000/- of the MRP. So after much soul and market searching came to two vendors who said on the phone that you can come and take it. It would take 2 hours from the time you give the cash.

So, armed with cash and a friend, approached both these vendors one after the other. The vendors turned around and said it would take 2 days and I would have to ‘book it’ .

Approached couple of other vendors and they said the same thing. Apparently, the model was in short supply or some story like that.

Now I don’t know which story to believe or not, the end of it I decided to wait for couple of more months, maybe till Diwali or even afterwards. Also ‘Acer’ is outta my system, it would be a most probably an ‘HP’ or ‘Dell’ with a backpack .

My query is, if this is the state where I, potentially an educated person having some budget has to go from corner to corner and get into these kind of situations then would shudder to think what others may be going through.


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