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This post would talk about BSNL, somd differences from some previous years and somethings which still need to be worked within BSNL

The last time I reported about BSNL was in another blog of mine which tracks developments about Free software. That post talked about BSNL’s use of DRM without telling the side-effects of the scheme to users. This time though it would be more about the systems and processes facing the customer which I would try to bring fore.

Lemme start at the very beginning. About a decade back, we decided to get a telephone connection. For all the doubts (imagined and otherwise) it took us couple of months after giving the application. I remember clearly the person who had come to install the connection, we had to pay him some ‘baksheesh’ when it was done. The amount was not much, but it was not a nice experience.

In-between they came many times, although for quite some time I haven’t experienced the ‘baksheesh’ thing .

Cut to latest interaction, we had given an application for the 20% discount scheme given to government and retired government servants for using broadband.

Firstly, they misplaced the application. This happened at the Post Office, Shivajinagar, Pune Exchange. We came to know about this as it appeared in the bill with the full amount. On asking the staff, the blame-game started between the staff and the blame was put on the shoulders of the retired BSNL staff (how convenient).

Then, armed with a new application we went today. While one of the officers had promised to attest it, all the photocopies have to be attested by a gazetted officer, he wasn’t in his seat. We went there around 11:30 a.m. and had to wait for almost an hour and half when we could finally meet another gazetted officer who was able to sign on our application.

We could have gone to the other officer before but the officer in the exchange office had promised last time that we needn’t go anywhere.

While the application is in process, so its still wait and watch for the next bill to know where we stand, we would also simultaneously track and see what happened with our 2 month old application as well.

While we are on the subject, I also tried to get our telephone instrument exchanged but to our dismay there was nobody at the store. I made 5-6 trips within that one and a half hour of waiting but there was nobody at the store. Apparently, they went to fix a fault. No idea whether that’s true of false.

While being at the customer service center, we made the following observations.

a. While the junior staff was courteous, the senior staff’s absence from his/her seat for long periods of time isn’t good.

b. The access for elderly people is not so easy. The customer service center is situated at the back of the Exchange. One has go down couple of steps and the steps are quite large for elderly people. There should be more small steps as well as a rough railing so elderly people can use them.

c. There should be banners and advertisements of new schemes for customers to know. Somebody came with ‘Connection on demand’ scheme which had been announced by BSNL some months back. The people at the exchange were unaware of the scheme and what the procedure and details needed are.

d. The information between BSNL staff about the various schemes is pretty low.

e. We did encounter quite a bit of doublespeak from BSNL speak. By double speak, we mean officers telling us we are not responsible for one thing or the other’ when they actually are.

In lots of essence, its a sad tale to see. I can see why BSNL is facing issues of disconnection that I read about all the time.


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  1. 1 vaithy 09/11/2009 at 12:39

    Dear shirishag75!!

    Your observation about the BSNL is 100% correct,although I am belong to junior officer cadre in BSNL, I also experience the same issue, when I go to receive my facilities..The average BSNL staff is more than 46 years old..fresh recruitment stopped 20 years ago. only in junior officers level some recruitment has been continuing and they are immediately posted to new technological field such as MObile.BB etc.,
    there were two types of generation is working in BSNL each pulling different sides.. the older generation nearing retirement don’t wish to work, or don’t care whether BSNL to survive or not.. unfortunately they are backed by powerful union which connected and controlled by political parties..Also many of them and their relatives are now direct selling agents for other service providers..When BSNL was freed political interference.. it will be a true global organisation.. Thank you for your inputs

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