Choices,voting and non-voting

Hi all,
This post would go about some of the reasons I didn’t vote in this state election .

Few months back, I had talked about Choices but these choices can only be made when there is information about the candidates and their developmental plans for the city. The voter percentage in the city has been told to be around 40% just like the last time around and which has been attributed as an Urban phenomenon.

While some of the reasons given in that page are there, but there are many more. 6 months back when the elections were held, on couple of days of eve of elections there was a televised interview of the all the candidates who were there from the Pune region . Except for Mr. Arun Bhatia nobody had a comprehensive plan for Pune development and issues. He was the only one who was able to give straight answers while the others of various political hues were engaged in mud-slinging one over other.

This time around, the same thing has been there. There is no way for a registered voter like me to access information about the candidates, what they think of the city, how are they going to improve the public transport and most important of all which candidates are there from which party and what is their background and what are their ideals/plans for the city.

If these details are not there, I cannot make those choices. I would also like to blame the media for not informing enough. I have subscribed to all the newspapers in rotation Indian Express, Times of India, Sakaal and currently DNA India and fail to get proper information. We do not want newspapers for ads, we are paying to get information and education.

Also same is the case on the Net too. I don’t know of any site which has all the details of all the candidates so one can cross-examine the background and what they are promising and how their promises have been so far .

Something similar perhaps to a consumer durable comparison site.

It may seem cheap but this I see the only way for me to take an active part in deciding the future of my country.

Update: Found somebody who is tracking it


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