Regionalism – The new cancer

Hi all,
This post would talk about issues happening in the recent past.

I’m sure everybody has heard the Shiv Sena, MNS and Congress view points. There has been no other voices being heard, least of all the common man. So here’s a common man’s visualization of things.

I come from a middle class Baniya (moneylender) family based in Pune. I was born and bought up in Pune and reside there. I reside in the Shivaji Nagar where there is a mixture of Maharashtrians as well as people from other states as well.

Now from what I know the Maharashtrian caste system is basically about Brahmins, Khastriyas and Marathas. There may be many more castes and sub-castes but this is what I know of . Most of the Brahminic Maharashtrians, the young generation are some sort of professionals, IT and other fields and most of them do their living in States and other parts of the globe. Which leaves the Kshatriyas and Marathas to fend alongwith the migrant population (if one has to call them that) .

Even then I see many of my friends and associates who belong to different parts of India having more of hunger then others. If I have to talk about people from Bihar and other North-Indian states almost all the sweet shops are from people of Rajasthani origin (apart from Chitale Bandhu Mithaewale) and almost all pani puri stalls are from Bihari originated people. Even in driving Rikshaws most of the people are from outside the state. This is also evident in other states such as this article . What has been not known is the kind of wages and stuff. If those statistics were also given and rise of population that would have made for more fascinating reading.

Now for the other point which Shiv Sena says specifically about Mukesh Ambani, about not spending money on Mumbai. Any businessman/entreprenur knows he would spend money where there is good returns, good law and order, makes sense and incentives by State Government. The reality prices in Mumbai and density of people make it also a harrowing time. Also do people remember Mukesh Ambani’s issues when he was starting with Seawind

What all this has done would make businesses go away from Mumbai rather than make investments in infrastructure. What happens if Mukesh Ambani and his associates decide to move to Gujarat, how much loss to the exchequer (in taxes) and how much loss to the image of Mumbai/Bombay. And if one prominent businessman starts to move out what stops others from following suit. I’m sure Anil Ambani may have also thought to voice his concerns but as his stakes are high (Mumbai metro being made by Reliance Infratel) he would choose to look the other way.

These are things and thoughts our esteemed politicans choose to ignore and not think of. For them ‘Independant Maharashtra’ is the idea. Really a sad state of affairs.


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