German Bakery Saga

Hi all,
This post would be anecdotal about my experiences of German Bakery while it was up and running.

I had been a member of “Osho Commune” from 1997 – 2002/3 . Till that time there were many times I used to come out to the bakery to hang with friends and other members. I was a teenager/young adult at that time. I remember ’97-’98 and especially during festival times (of Osho Comune) and Saturdays there used to be a festival atmosphere within the Bakery as well.

Many of us used to hang out and party till 0:00 – 1:00 hours having a djembe, guitars and some songs on our lips. The bakery used to have good business and everybody used to have a great time. Specially from August-September onwards till February. I remember coming for a quick chai/ginger-lemon thing early in the morning before going to dynamic meditation as well.

I also witnessed many people going through cathartic episodes while in my visits to the bakery. One of those episodes stands out . This was a late night (around 22:00 – 22:30 hours) and a very beautiful german lady/sanyasin feeling very lonely and some emotional issues freaked out. She wanted to be friends with anybody. She was little bit drunk and was obviously going through something.

The beauty was nobody either tried to act fresh or say anything. They let her be. After sometime some of her friends or countrymen came and took her. The German bakery boys were nice towards her and helped with her baggage.

That episode stood out as the hour was late and still people were decent, helping and somehow understood her situation or could atleast have an idea about what she might be going through.

Although I have been to many parts of India, this is something which I haven’t experienced it elsewhere.

There have been times when I forgot/lost my luggage and came back and had been lucky to claim my baggage from the bakery. There had been times when I have been unlucky as well but still it was a nice place.

I hope to go to the place this week-end and hopefully put a rose somewhere around there. I’m sure people have done something similar. Hope it gets back on its feet as quick as possible. Looking forward to tasting again the ginger-lemon-honey and banana pie of the place 😛


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