Climate change

This post would try to share some thoughts on climate change.

I read this article and became incensed quite a bit. Some of the statements there are just not true.

To what extent is human activity responsible for changing climate?
In the 1900s, the climate warmed and cooled. The sun, changes in the earth’s orbit, continental drift caused it. It’s plausible that climate change in 20th century was natural. It’s also plausible that the changes were caused by humans. Carbon dioxide (CO2) has increased by 35% over the last 150 years. However, it’s (contribution) is only minute compared to natural causes. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is 90-99% sure that the cause of 20th century warming is human activity. Many, including me, disagree. We believe causes are natural.

So things like Australia’s Red Dust Storm were a normal course of things. Also the Ozone Hole has been is a natural thing and not anything that humans did . Even the UK’s Met office has a climate change page page.

So what is Copenhagen all about then?
Oh it’s a political event. Development is a must for which we need cheap energy. Schemes to control CO2 will make energy expensive. Emission cuts make energy very expensive, which only the rich can afford. You know, total emissions of CO2 have gone up in US, EU. In 1997, during the Kyoto Protocol, they promised to reduce emission by 5%. But emission is only going up. They have no intention of reducing it.

Copenhagen is a very bad idea. Another bad idea is solar energy. It will only survive due to subsidies from the governments. In Rajasthan and desert areas, solar energy makes sense. But not everywhere.

I beg to differ. In the recent past Oil has been fluctuating, the last trading of Oil was on Friday at $81 per barrel . If a barrel is around 158-159 litres it comes to roughly to Rs. 23/24 per litre. Add to that cost of transportation, conversion from crude oil to petrol and it is much more. An idea of the subsidy that Oil companies have can be read from this press report.

The other saddening part was the Nuclear Liability Bill which I am horrified to learn is even being thought about. I do hope it doesn’t get passed.

Just to be back on the track, the percentage of Indians living in villages is 72.2% according to the wikipedia page on the subject. Of that 60-70% of the villages don’t have electricity . Most of these villages are in remote areas and hence it makes sense to use solar there. So NDTV has been doing something in this regard last year. This year too, they have done that they are saying they would light 155 villages alongwith TERI .

While I have complete respect for the effort, the only issue is there is no real-time updation of stats as to number of villages and names of villages. Instead of using Google maps I would have liked them to use Openstreetmap for the layer. One can always color-code each year as to the village they went and stuff like that. That would have made lots of difference.

That’s all for now 🙂


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