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German Bakery Saga

Hi all,
This post would be anecdotal about my experiences of German Bakery while it was up and running.

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Regionalism – The new cancer

Hi all,
This post would talk about issues happening in the recent past.

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Choices,voting and non-voting

Hi all,
This post would go about some of the reasons I didn’t vote in this state election .
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Killing Internet in India

This post/article tries to illustrate how DOT (Department of Telecom) and other vested interests are killing Internet access in India
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Hi all,
This post would talk about BSNL, somd differences from some previous years and somethings which still need to be worked within BSNL
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Unable to get an Laptop

Hi all,
This post would be talking about the frustrations I faced while trying to buy a Laptop.
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Mass Surveillance-India

Hi all,
This post would be about the recent amendments done in Information Technology Act (Amendment) 2008, India and some other curious stuff I have seen on the wikipedia entry of the same the last few days.

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